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Your initial charge will be $97 admin fee. Then pay your sponsor $250. No monthly fees other than purchasing texting credits as desired.

SMS Marketing Bot Features

  • Interactive Text Messaging (Press 1): allows prospects to press any digit, for example "Press 1 to be texted our money making website" on their smartphone to send a text, listen to another audio message, or forward a call to live person.
  • SMS Inbox receive and send texts from the texting platform.
  • ​Instant SMS  When a prospect calls your number they receive an instant text reply
  • ​Bulk Text   When a Send a text message to an entire group of contacts
  • Voice Greeting  Upload any mp3 and create your on voice greeting
  • Keywords  Set up a keyword that your prospect can text to receive information. For example, text "credit" to receive a free course on improving your credit score.
  • ​Collect Phone #'s from a Opt-in form  When a prospect opts-in to your Text Prospector capture page, you can collect the prospect's mobile number and send text messages
  • Text Autoresponder  set up a series of text messages to go out all year on auto-pilot

Cost to Get Started: $347 one time purchase

  • Earn $250 per referral with our included affiliate program: paid member to member
  • Paid Instantly: you choose how you want to get paid (Venmo, Cashapp, Stripe, BTC, etc).
  • ​One time Admin Fee of $97 Paid via Stripe (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Residual: Each member must pass up their 2nd sale to infinity.
  • Your Own Replicated Site: Capture page, sales page, back office tracking system, email autoresponder.
  • ​Marketing Materials: Pre-written text messages, ad copy, done for you sources and more.

Jaw-Dropping 24 Hour Bonuses

In this course You'll Discover

  • The Most Important Goal of Text Message Marketing
  • ​Where Do I Get the Numbers to Text?
  • ​What do I say when I text?
  • ​What Text Message to Send Immediately after a sale
  • ​How to Double Your Conversions with one Text Message
  • ​How to Use Keywords to deliver on demand mobile info to your prospect
  • ​How to Reduce No-Shows By 62% By Sending an Automated SMS Reminder Message
  • ​And much more

Bonus 2: Master of Marketing Video Course Library
Learn how to drive traffic and follow up like a pro!


Easy to Program the Text Marketing Bot

Demo My SMS Text Bot (530)675-8398
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