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Generate Mobile Leads with Text

Here are some of the Text Prospector Features...

SMS Bulk Messaging
Send and receive SMS messages globally using our exclusive wholesale platform. Bulk text to your Groups.
Q&A SMS Bots
Create automated SMS questions and responses which are kicked off by texting in a keyword. You can create as many questions in a sequence as you want. Great for customer support, quizzes, gathering valuable feedback, and growing your list.
Two-Way Messaging
Have a two way conversation. For example, you could send a bulk text to your list notifying them of a new product release and ask them if they have any questions. Engagement creates conversions.
Voice Greeting
When your prospect calls your Text Prospector they can hear your recorded message or text to speech message. Instruct them to press digits for more info.
Set up a keyword that your prospect can text to receive information. For example, text "credit" to receive a free course on improving your credit score.
Earn $250 to $500
Mobile Marketers Wanted! When you become a paid member of Text Prospector you get full access to our Reseller backoffice and marketing system. Earn instant and direct $250 commissions.

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Included Text Prospector Masterclass
Become a texting boss!
Texting Your Prospects Like a Pro
  • ​The Most Important Goal of Text Message Marketing
  • ​Where Do I Get the Numbers to Text?
  • ​What do I say when I text?
  • ​What Text Message to Send Immediately after a sale
  • ​​How to Double Your Conversions with one Text Message
  • ​How to Use Keywords to deliver on demand mobile info to your prospect
  • ​​How to Reduce No-Shows By 62% By Sending an Automated SMS Reminder Message
  • ​And much more.
24 Hour Bonus Master of Marketing Video Library
Mobile Lead Generation
Traffic and Lead Training
  • ​Messenger Marketing
  • ​Paid Traffic
  • ​Banner Advertising
  • ​Hiring and Outsourcing
  • ​Social Marketing
  • ​Search Advertising
  • Cold Calling
  • ​Linked Marketing
  • ​And much more.
  • No Set up fees
  • No Monthly fees * (excluding $1 for a phone #s and .005 cents per text)
  • No Contracts
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